Our Treatment Experience

Cord blood stem cells are playing a major role in transplant medicine, an innovative therapeutic approach to treating disease. ViaCord has helped more families utilize the healing power of their cord blood stem cells . To date, we have preserved the cord blood of more than 350,000 newborns. And we have released nearly 400 stem cell units for transplant or regenerative medicine research.

Using Cord Blood

Your child’s cord blood stem cells have an amazing power to heal. Today cord blood stem cells are used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases, including various types of cancer and blood diseases, and research continues to expand the medical uses of cord blood. Storing your child’s stem cells means you’ll have direct access to a related source of stem cells — and options for medical treatments and research opportunities should the need ever arise. Sometimes simply having options can make all the difference.

Ready for treatment. Ready to heal.

Just as important as the depth of our experience is the proven quality of our stem cell collections. From collection to cryopreservation, our complete process is designed to maximize stem cell yield, which directly correlates with treatment success. The more stem cells that transplant doctors have to work with, the better the outcome for their patients.  If a doctor determines there is a need for stem cell therapy, we will work with your medical team to provide documentation and samples so that they can plan for treatment. We will also work together on the delivery of your family's stem cell collection to the appropriate medical facility. To date we have released more units for use in medical treatments and clinical trials than any other family bank.1

Published Success Rates

We believe in the importance of publishing treatment success rates. After all, should you ever need to use your child’s stem cell collection, a healthy outcome is what matters most.


Our product quality guarantee.

Every part of our process — from the cord blood collection to our stem cell processing and storage — is designed with one goal in mind: to provide your family with a plentiful and viable source of stem cells that will lead to the best treatment outcomes should you ever need to use them. To that end, we offer a 100% quality product guarantee. This guarantee states that if your child’s cord blood stem cells fail to engraft during a transplant, we will pay $25,000 to defray the cost of procuring an alternative stem cell source as determined by your doctor. Click here for additional eligibility details.